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The Process

The Process

Sydneyside Tree Services has a complete process for serving the valuable community. The process is made smooth and fast track just to ensure every client gets remarkably marvellous services in the shortest possible time. To avail our services without waiting for hours, please go through the simple process.

  • Complete our online form to have a free price estimate. Within 2-3 working days, our representative will inspect the tree and quote a reasonable price according to the services you want to avail.
  • Upon acceptance of the proposal, you will be required to sign and return it back to us. It will ensure the time and date you have mentioned in the work you have asked us.
  • A team of 5 Arborists will inspect the site to take precautions and ensure safety whether you are available on that specific day or not.
  • If you want us to come into your presence, please mention the time slots when you are free and available at home. Please don't forget to mention about fences and barriers nearest to the tree.
  • On the scheduled day, our crew along with a safety truck will arrive at the site. They take down the tree within half an hour and will squeeze the limb, so that it does not create a mess in the surroundings.
  • After the crew is done with cutting, another crew will take hold over the large size logs and collect all the debris into the truck. These are used for agricultural activities as prescribed by the rules.
  • Tree cutting and removing services do not include the grinding off stump, so you will have to pay a little bit extra for it. A third team will come up with grinding machines to remove the stump and the make the ground steady.
  • Once you are satisfied with the level of quality we have delivered through our services, the project will be marked as complete and a bill will be dispatched to you via an email or by post. You can pay it through various means.