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Sydneyside Tree Services is not limited to cutting and removing of trees, because we have a well-educated and experienced team of Arborists for hedging as well. We are equally leading the market with beautiful hedging of plants and flowers that enhances the beauty of your gardens.

A garden design mainly includes the decoration and remodelling of walls, which seems to be difficult in the absence of plants and flowers. These can be done through flower pots and other decoration items, but we cover it beautifully with the help of artistic hedging.

Our Arborists know a series of plants that easily grow in the tropical environment of Australian, as too sensitive plants can spoil the entire beauty of your garden in winter or summer. We only suggest plants that remain fresh around the year.

An Attractive and Natural Touch To Your Privacy

The gardens that are covered with fences and grill gates often need an enhanced privacy, so that people can't peep into your personal lives. We have brought the solution through attractive hedging of plants and flowers on the walls. They instantly grow over the grills, walls and fences offer more privacy to the family members.

Do you want to grow plants over the walls of your garden that improves the attraction of your home as well? Are you planning for garden remodelling with special attention to flowers and plants? Sydneyside Tree Services serve you with the best possible alternate through hedging. We suggest you native plants that can grow faster in the Australiana atmosphere and let you select the charming ones. To know more about tree care services and garden designing, please don't hesitate to call us.