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Removing a tree is not a child's play, that's why every individual needs to be well trained and certified for the skills they claim. Sydneyside Tree Services proudly offers sensible workers, who have a vast exposure by removing varying sizes and kinds of trees.

The arborists, pruners, cutters and Loppers often have to work at a height, which exposes them directly to health and safety risks. Among all the services, tree removing activities involves risk of falling from top to bottom that result in injuries and deaths often.

To ensure everything runs smooth and safe, we strictly follow the rules for maintaining health and safety regulations. For an extended safety, we have a team of certified and professional workers, who ensure safety at work themselves. They work in a team, which minimizes the risk of causality as they take care of each other.

Our Certifications:

We have the following Certifications

  • Certificate 2 in Arboriculture
  • Certificate 3 in Arboriculture
  • Certificate 5 in Arboriculture